I am a Music Producer, Recording & Mix Engineer based in London, UK.

The bulk of my work is split between my personal studio and The Friary Studios where I work as an engineer. In my spare time I'm also a gear reviewer and writer for Musixon Magazine.

This website is focused on my services as a mixing engineer!


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Studio Facilities & Gear

My work is split between my home-studio and The Friary Studios. Both are situated on the same property and are set around the same concept. I am a firm believer in the analog work-flow and I'm fortunate to have a wide variety of vintage and modern outboard gear options at my disposal. When it comes to recording & mixing I am able to offer my clients not only the benefit of my experience, but also the flavor and character of iconic pieces of gear that artists & engineers have been chasing for decades.
Vintage analog gear tends to add a certain depth, thickness and dimension to the sound, which is why so many software companies are emulating the very same pieces of equipment we use at or studios. To keep up with the needs of modern music both studios are also equipped with the latest and greatest software available from Universal Audio, Antelope Audio, SoundToys, Plugin-Alliance, Valhalla, Waves and others.

Analog Summing Options

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