Here is how I determine the price for a mix. 

Every mix starts "In The Box" to a certain extent. Generally, full-band songs that include a whole drum kit (recorded with 10-12 microphones), bass, guitars, keys and different vocals cost around £150 (In The Box). These are mixes that will take me up to 15 hours of work spread across 2-3 days (including the revisions). If a song requires special work that needs extra time such as complex drum quantization I might charge extra, but that will be specified in the quote! Smaller mixes (for example just vocals and a piano or some guitars) are much quicker to make and take less resources, with a minimum price of £80 per song.

In the quote I will give you different options and will advise you if the song needs Hybrid or Hybrid Extra mixing. If you choose the Hybrid service I will mix your song In The Box and will then run the group stems (All Drums, All Bass, All Guitars etc) through our SSL desk to process the sound with analog hardware. That costs around £30 extra on top of the In The Box price with a minimum starting price of £120 per song (for small mixes).

The Hybrid Extra service takes a different approach. Instead of mixing In The Box and finishing on the desk, I will mix on the desk pretty much from the beginning and will process the individual stems with analog gear. That is a much more time-consuming service and starts from £200 per song. The Hybrid Extra comes with special add-ons like more revisions and bouncing mixed stems.


"In The Box" is a mixing service executed with the most sophisticated digital plugins from Universal Audio, Slate, Waves and others.

3 Day Turnaround

3 Revisions

1 Mastered MP3 file

1 Un-mastered WAV file (-6dB)


per song

"Hybrid" is adding another layer to the digital mix by running it through our SSL G-series desk at The Friary Studios. This infuses the song with the signature analog warmth, thickness & depth of this legendary SSL.

5 Day Turnaround

4 Revisions

1 Mastered MP3 file

1 Un-mastered WAV file (-6dB)


per song

"Hybrid Extra" is a premium service, which brings more hardware gear into the mix and allows individual tracks to be processed to perfection. This is the most advanced mixing service and provides the biggest number of add-ons. 

7 Day Turnaround

5 Revisions

1 Mastered MP3 file

1 Un-mastered WAV file (-6dB)

Individual Track Stems


per song

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