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My Belief

By now, you've probably figured I'm a mixing engineer. However, I'm also involved in various other music-related fields that all make me a better engineer. 


To be a good mixer, one has to focus on their subject but to be a great mixer - one has to have a broader understanding of the surrounding elements. 

Who Are We
Soundchecking _bystarlightuk at _dingwallscamden for tonight's show!  #drums #drummer #dru


Being a musician myself (drummer) helps me better understand the needs of my clients. I, too, have spent hours tracking and mixing my music with other engineers, so I've seen both sides of the coin.



Being an active recording engineer and a producer makes me involved in every stage of the record-making process. That gives me a much broader understanding of sonics and artistic intention, making me a better mixer.



Understanding my tools gives me the freedom to use them as I see fit. By having experience as a gear-maker, I have developed a deeper relationship with my tools—one where I don't rely on my gear but my ears.

Here is how I occupy my time at present.

The Friary Studios

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Anön Production

On-location Recording for Live Video Sessions

My Story

After graduating from the British Institute of Modern Music in London, I was quickly thrown into the deep end of large-format analog studios and slowly climbed the assistant ladder. I was fortunate enough to have great mentors who expedited my learning curve. In the years to follow, I enjoyed working alongside some of my heroes and gained priceless experience in the studio world. 


Being exposed to great minds and their tools allowed me to become a writer for MUSIXON Magazine. After years of interviewing gear makers, extensively using, researching, and dissecting their creations - I began consulting tech companies in their product lines including the pioneers and industry leaders - Antelope Audio. In 2021 my gear obsession took a rather steep turn with the start of my own audio company - Valtech Audio Engineering Limited. 

What I do Today

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